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24 February
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Big Dick Twink Naked

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Ever since Maxwell first appeared on Squirtz we’ve just been waiting for a chance to get him back in front of the camera. He’s so lively and fun that you can’t help but be in a good mood in his presence. Just watching him tell a story is as entertaining as any TV show I’ve ever seen. What he says is always interesting but the way he says it and the way he demonstrates it is at least half the charm. Now add to the equation those cutie-pie dimples and big friendly smile and you’ve got a boy who’s almost irresistible. It’s great that he’s lean, smooth and hung, but even more sexy is the fact that Maxwell is a supercharged sex machine. The guy jerks off minimum 3 times a day but when he’s feeling good it’s 10 times or more. And he’s not ashamed to admit it. If they ever make a gay version of Maxwell the demand would certainly outstrip the supply.

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20 January
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Sneaky Peak Next Door Twink

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Next Door Twink

Dave Canon is a naughty boy. He’s in his room looking at a dirty magazine, feeling his boner grow thick and firm. Hayden Anders is a neighborhood peeping tom and frequently checks in at Dave’s place to see if there’s anything inside the windows on which to feast his hungry eyes. Today, he catches Dave in the act. As Dave lays nude, grinding his hard dick into his bed, Hayden enters the house. He goes right into Dave’s room and gently begins squeezing Dave’s plump buttocks. He then flips him over and lightly strokes Dave’s erection while they make out. Soon Dave is enjoying Hayden’s cock in his mouth, just before Hayden reciprocates. Dave can’t believe how lucky he is that Hayden was walking by and saw him! Watch this neighborhood pervert take advantage of an unsuspecting, hot boy when Hayden fucks sweet Dave’s tight ass like a champ. Enjoy!

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05 August

Next Door Twink Sex

Next Door Twink

With details a little hazy from all the partying from the night before, Matthew Keading wakes to find things a little out of the ordinary. For one thing, he’s passed out next to Blake Savage and a whole bunch of spilled pills. Immediately assuming the worst, Matthew jumps into action to save his friend, performing mouth to mouth to try and resuscitate him. It turns out Blake is just over sleeping and somewhere in the previous night he must have spilled my asthma meds. Embarrassed, Matthew nonetheless breathes a sigh of relief.

Blake teases him and tells him he should have blew him instead. Matthew calls Blake’s bluff and before he knows it, Matthew has his dick in his mouth and his deep throating it as it grows. Not one to ruin someone’s good time, Blake pushes Matthew’s head further onto his dick as Matthew begins to jack himself off. Blake goes all in and returns the favor, as Matthew straddles his face and fucks his mouth from above. Both worked up now, Matthew works his dick against Blake’s ass crack, so Blake tells him to go ahead, and Matthew slips it in as Blake’s body clenches up in anticipation. Easing into it, Matthew gently works his dick back and forth as Blake spreads his legs to accommodate. Matthew fucks Blake like that for a while until he himself wants some dick, so the two of them flip around and Blake fucks Matthew missionary as Matthew blows a heaping load all over himself. If this is how the day is beginning, it looks like it’s gonna be another crazy night.

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